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Most EIA 310 standard equipment mounts in front and rear rails of a 4 post structure as a open frame or enclosed solution. Rackmount Monitor standard also applies to a 2 post relay rack which can be used for mounting equipment using single mounting points or additional support equipment for supporting 4 post mounting equipment. Rackmount Monitors, KVM Switches and other LCD solutions fit will in these configurations.

rackmount monitors and lcd
Rackmount Monitor

The depth can typically be adjusted from 16” to 42” depth using special mounting brackets. In any case, there is great value in saving space in this type of mounting scenario. A typical LCD Monitor would normally take up 7U to 10U of space instead of the 1U or 2U of space required for a rollout LCD Drawer. The 1U Rackmount Monitor in addition to as Rackmount Keyboard LCD, is a combination of keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM). Rack space is at very expensive in most environments and IT applications and 1U Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer units save rack space. It is an extremely cost effective solution for all IT, Broadcast and AV applications. Different resolutions are available and many configurations that include integrated KVM Solutions are typically available including standard resolution and HD resolution configurations.

Sizes range in size from very small broadcast and production applications all the way up to 24” screens that can mount sideways or even have a pivot mount for large screen viewing ina compact 1U of space. These 1U LCD rack keyboard units use industrial grade LCD displays from Samsung, LG, AUO and other top LCD Glass manufacturers. Available size options are are 15”, 17”, 19”, 20”, 21.5” 23.8” LCD sizes. This 1U Rackmount KVM drawer has CE, RoHS, and TAA certifications as well as other DOD certifications for IT, manufacturing, SOHO, commercial, government, military and security monitoring applications. They can include standard 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz. In addition, DC power options include 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, and 150VDC options. The combination of Rackmount Keyboard with KVM Drawer units feature touch screen options for custom applications and feature multiple keyboard language selections. So, panels, drawers, and combination monitor/keyboard with an without KVM switches provide for an efficient compact integrated solution. The combinations are almost endless, as KVM switches come in many port combinations and support many different resolutions.

Even offering web browser options for remote access, the KVM switch technology further compacts the overall solution. Mobile cases and other mobile applications use these solutions when integrating other hardware for specific applications. Some of these cases include shock mount and quick access covers for easy set up in remote locations. Different types of mounting bracket solutions also can be modified depending on how rugged the application is.

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